Legitimate russian dating sites

However, I have heard and read some reviews about the Charming Date services.According to these reviews, a lot of customers are not satisfied with their dating services.

Let me make this clear one last time: Anyone who joins this site will NEVER and I mean NEVER be able to talk in private via phone or letters with the women they are interested in . The site is expensive, for a good communication with someone it can easily cost you 10 times what another dating site such as eharmony or something will charge you, but at the same time if you are looking to marry overseas then you should be able to afford the cost of communication.

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You may leave reviews, write testimonials, share personal experiences and even voice concerns you might have regarding specific Russian and Ukrainian sites or marriage agencies.

If you are a victim of a Russian or Ukrainian dating site scam, or if you have any doubts or think that the Russian girl who you are writing to, might me a scammer, our team of scam investigators offers dating scam protection for free.

We have human chat, email support and offer free answers to ALL your questions about known dating scams. But the part of legitimate dating sites or marriage agencies does not exceed 3%.

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