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We will do our best to resolve the claim with the automobile manufacturer as quickly as possible at no cost to you.Should the automobile manufacturer refuse to comply with lemon law requirements, we will promptly file suit on your behalf to seek compensation under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and Federal Warranty Act.– If the product isn’t worth repairing/replacing, you can ask for either a partial or full refund depending on whether you still want to keep it.– Some food for thought: in today’s millennial lingo, to feel “sour”, “salty” or “bitter” (whether over a defective product or otherwise) all roughly mean the same thing, don’t you think?The lemon law is a generic term for laws that protect consumers from defective vehicles.In the state of Pennsylvania, the Automobile Lemon Law applies to any new vehicle that is both purchased and legally registered in the state of Pennsylvania for personal/family use.#Singapore Legal Advice #Lemon Law A post shared by Singapore Legal (@singaporelegaladvice) on Under the lemon law, a product is defined as “defective” if it does not conform to the agreement at the time of delivery.

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Unfortunately, vehicles leased before February 11, 2002 in Pennsylvania are not covered under the PA lemon law (please note that despite the lack of coverage for vehicles leased before February 11, 2002, there are still rights to compensation pursuant to the Federal Warranty Act.Such legislation would protect both consumers and businesses by making the playing field more level.In 1979, the late Mr Ivan Baptist, then President of CASE, first urged the government to consider a fair trading legislation in Parliament.If your case settles, all fees and costs are paid by the manufacturer.Regardless of the outcome, you never pay any fees or costs.

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