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He follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers to learn what has kept duck hunting in their family for more than 50 years.

The two grow closer as they spend a month hunting together, revealing what it means for them to be father and son.

Directed by Taylor Hensel The prosperity of America has been the antithesis of Native American progress.

As the philosophical and cultural rift between indigenous and American ways of life widen, individuals who are both Native and American face a jarring juxtaposition.

follows Holly Spaude as she confronts her mixed heritage and seeks to define her identity within her tribal community.

While navigating her tribe’s blood quantum standard and working to help preserve the endangered Potawatomi language, Holly has come to know her purpose.

This documentary addresses how humans can help endangered animals and what we can learn from the giant panda’s successful PR campaign.

How can Jack grow as a person while being stuck at home and what does it feel like to have a twin with whom you can never actually converse?

For carriers, there is a 50 percent chance a son will develop the disease, and a 50 percent chance a daughter will also be a carrier.

From attempting to make sense of a family’s past, to tackling the future as a young woman, this intimate film delves deep into the promises and threats of motherhood as shaped by genetic disease.

The third annual Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival is a showcase of the work of the students graduating from the Documentary Journalism interest area.

Fourteen students will be showing short documentary films over three different blocks—with each block showing completely different films.

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