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The dig involved an overhanging "Rock Shelter" called Buzzards Rock, which yielded many artifacts including arrow heads dating back to 7000 B. The site was visited by nomadic Paleo-Indian hunters, and other Indians trough the Archaic and Woodlands periods right up to historic times.The theory is that the archeologists were inspired to write the lyrics due to the fact that ancient Indians visited Horseshoe. I wrote the song, and I spent the summer with the archeologists (Mark Mc Conoughy PH D and Doug Miller).This spread covers eight years of devices (i OS 8 supports the 2011 i Phone 4S) and, with Tim Cook stating there are 1.4BN active i OS devices around the world, this is worrying news for the owners of pretty much all of them.…But the real shocker is why the Contacts app vulnerability exists in the first place: it capitalises on a known bug which Apple has failed to fix for four years.

I hope you will decide to update your posting so that the complete lyrics will appear on your web site (We did - the full lyrics are posted above).No individual has taken credit for this song, but it has been variously attributed to several origins.The most prevalent theory is that two archaeologists from the State Museum of Pennsylvania wrote it during an archaeological dig conducted during the summer of 1988.Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days (and you can read my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).Massive i OS Exploit Confirmed “If you have an exploit in your operating system that requires an unauthorised app to gain entry, then you are safe because you have a closed app system.” That security principle of i OS met the real world this week, as a security flaw dating back to i OS 8 can be trigged by data in Apple’s own Contacts app.  Forbes’ Gordon Kelly has more: …security firm Check Point has revealed it has found a way to hack every i Phone and i Pad running i OS 8 right up to betas of i OS 13.

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