Love rollercoaster dating with bipolar disorder

Being a recurrent illness, long-term continuous preventive treatment is strongly recommended and almost always indicated.

A strategy that combines medication and psycho-therapeutic treatment is optimal for managing the disorder over time.

To understand what a mood disorder is, let’s first define the different kinds of moods one can experience on a continuum., is a mood disorder marked by the presence of manic episodes i.e.

exaggerated arousal state that can be highly disruptive; with the possibility of alternations with major depressive episodes.

However, this increases their chances of breaking the law and face troublesome consequences for the same.

As a result of constantly living under pressure, they become prone to develop anxiety and stress related issues.

There are several diagnoses that often get muddled with bipolar disorder.

Some other signs that indicate mania are: When the mood is not as heightened as in the manic state and the above given symptoms are present for 4 consecutive days instead of a week, without ever requiring hospitalization, one may be said to have experienced Interestingly, some clients while experiencing a manic, hypomanic or major depressive episode may actually report symptoms from the opposite mood pole.They often exhibit early onset of bipolarity, more frequent mood shifts and aggression to the point of self-harm.Traditionally, the are often an integral part of the treatment program so as to help the client and their close ones clearly understand the ‘know how’ of this condition.If you are a mental health practitioner and would like to develop advanced therapeutic skills do check out our comprehensive course on Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy that is based on the integration of Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and elements of Cognitive therapies.Before choosing a therapist that you would like to work with, kindly do a background check on the skill set and the qualifications of the therapist.

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