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To save yourself the embarrassment, you are quite likely to surf the net looking for ways to hide or speed up the healing of a hickey. Keep reading to find easy and natural ways to speed up the healing process.While there is no instant fix for a hickey, the 9 remedies discussed below may help in clearing it up faster.I WILL be seeing them again at the Nebraska State Fair this fall! Through Fire really rocked it again, hoping they come back.Halestorm was as great as ever, they never disappoint! Hard rock juggernaut HALESTORM will return to Australian in December for a headline tour.

And, if tended to correctly — and quickly — it'll be gone in no time. To minimize your hickey, apply aloe vera herbal cream or gel onto your hickey twice a day and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.This procedure is most effective when used as soon as the hickey appears. Brushing a hickey with a soft-bristled toothbrush can improve circulation in the affected area and help remove the clot.If done early, this procedure can also prevent the formation of a hickey. Warm compresses are quite useful in alleviating swelling and inflammation due to their circulation-promoting effects (1).Applying a cold spoon to the hickey can prevent the blood from seeping out into the surrounding tissues.It acts as a cold compress and can help promote circulation and reduce inflammation (1).

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