Mandating public

Even in the city’s more affluent neighborhoods, other types of violent crime, such as armed robbery, assault, and vehicular hijacking, have undermined many resident’s sense of personal safety.

If elected, nothing will be more important to my administration than ending fear and restoring safety to all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

The OCJ will also coordinate our battle against the flow of illegal firearms in Chicago.

Every year the Chicago Police Department seizes thousands of illegal guns.

Toni's approach to public safety will enhance racial justice and equity.

The violence, combined with these underlying factors, has contributed to a growing exodus of families from these communities, removing critical economic and social resources, and making the devastating cycle of disinvestment and decline worse.The OCJ will build on regional criminal justice reforms that prevent crimes before they happen.The most effective public safety programs around the country have demonstrated that criminal justice reform and police reform are not opposing ideas in crime reduction; they are the foundations to achieving it.The study also found that 52% of all Americans believe Adolf Hitler came to power through force. Come to us so you can get appropriate resources, but the policymakers are still letting the schools at the local level make a decision because we didn't want to give them an unfunded mandate," Menendez said.Menendez worked with the already existing Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to write a bill mandating a Holocaust Remembrance Week in all Texas public schools. Greg Abbott has already made the declaration, expecting school districts to implement it this coming school year while giving them flexibility. Menendez hopes funding will soon be made available to help schools strengthen their Holocaust education programs.

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