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But a day soon became a week, which quickly turned into a month.

Amal tells me she suspected early on that Jasmin was not coming back.

More than one-third of Dearborn’s approximately 100,000 residents identify as Arab, and of those approximately 8 percent are Yemeni, which includes immigrants and Americans of Yemeni descent.

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The Yemeni community has found ways around the system, White says, either by homeschooling the girls or sending them to Yemen to marry—which is perhaps why Superintendent Maleyko doesn’t frequently hear about girls like Jasmin.And although parents are typically the driving force behind these early marriages, Bazzi-Gates doesn’t believe they do so to limit their daughters’ opportunities.On the contrary, “marrying young, it’s a tradition for the Yemeni,” she says. They feel secure that this is the right way to do it.” As for the schools’ understanding of the practice of child marriage among the Yemeni, Dearborn’s superintendent Glenn Maleyko told me he isn’t “aware of it being a problem” and said he hasn’t seen statistical evidence proving it’s common. “If someone were to drop out, we have intervention specialists who track them down.Abigail Moore, a volunteer in Dearborn’s refugee centers, tells me that it’s common for Yemeni girls to leave the public school system for homeschooling when they reach adolescence.“The families will take them out of the schools and tell officials they’re homeschooling them, but basically they’re not getting any education after that,” Moore says.

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