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Therefore, there will be a disclaimer at the end of each blog stating the following: I use my “alter-blended family” to illustrate the reality of blended family life, its highs and lows, challenges and victories.

There will not always be a lot of research or theory to apply to the experiences I will share, so I will sometimes use the depicted experiences as a call to action to my relationships research friends.


As a consequence, I changed my line of research and stopped writing my blog.He often thinks for two and takes initiatives beneficial for your couple.Loyalty is not lacking, the opposite of a partner who just wants to have fun.In other words, it is great that relationship science is addressing relationships as the influence of partners on each other rather than as individual actors.However, the application of this work to families is at times limited when the family has been reshaped by divorce and remarriage, and when there are many other influential people in the family system.

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