Matthew horne dating

“I’m from a working-class background – I went to school and did my best then studied drama at university, where I decided I wanted to fully focus on becoming an actor,” he says.

“It was a real challenge to fulfil my dreams so I owe a lot to my mum and dad for supporting me.” Now living in London, Mat talks fondly of Nottingham.

“Rock City was a huge part of my life when I was growing up and I’ve seen hundreds of bands there. Moments like that, they stay with you forever.” Mat started his career as a comedian.

While performing at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000, Mat was spotted by Catherine Tate who invited him to perform on her self-titled show “In many ways, Gavin & Stacey broke me through in terms of UK audiences,” he recalls.

Viewers saw Mathews character, Gavin, fall in love with Stacey pretty quickly - he drove all the way to Barry to surprise Stacey - after their night together. Unlike Archie Mitchell, Mick actually loved him family...

Alison's character Pam was probably the most iconic of them all. ' Larry Lamb, who plays Gavin's father Mick, also appeared on This Morning yesterday to speak about the show, revealing that he actually cried upon reading the script.

Long gone are the days of Bryn as actor Rob has since gone on to star in Hollywood movies including The Huntsmen: Winter's War (he played Gryff) and he played Master Phineus in the real life version of Cinderella. "I’ve finally read the script, it really got me, I read the first little sequence and just found myself crying.

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We have just announced our biggest ever tour, its the That’s How I Like My Tour, tour. You could give us a bit of money and we’ll be very grateful.

Chatting to us about his latest role, Mat is in Cardiff and that means the name ‘Gavin’ is ringing in his ears.

“It’s funny talking about Gavin & Stacey because here I am in Wales, not too far from Barry Island getting recognised left, right and centre,” he laughs.

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