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In early December 2009, it was announced that Caulfield had quit the show and would depart shortly.

Producers promised a "stunning exit storyline" which would see a who-dunnit type storyline in which Mark would be killed.

It's all about the individuals, if he's mature enough for you and you get on well there's no reason why it can't work out Good luck X I have two sons in their early twenties and would be surprised if one of them was dating a woman in her thirties, from the point of view that it seems a very different life stage. when I met him I was already divorced twice with a young dd (7 at the time). Its hardly a first date topic though so not giving it too much headspace! We were friends first for a while and I didnt want any more because of the age gap ...

In some ways, they still seem like kids to me (although they're responsible and hard-working etc) and much as I love them, I can't imagine that they would be mature enough to be in an equal relationship with a woman 10 years older yet! We are now happily married and have a 2.5 year old son together. Under, Maturity not a issue, he's got more grey hairs than myself . til he backed away cause it hurt too much and I realised how much I missed him.

The only time it's an issue is if I remember dancing to a particular song at a club and he says 'well I was only doing my 11 plus', or something similar.

Thanks Quite, I have two boys so use to lowering my maturity.

No-one raised an eyebrow, we got on like a house on fire and were very happy. I'm 33 and my partner is 25, 2 years down the line I've never felt so loved and so secure in a relationship. Experience's still not the be-all and end all though.

The real issue that raised its head later on was the fact that one day he wanted a family and I was at the stage when I'd decided that this was never going to be a possibility. If you get the mix right (like any relationship) it can and will work. You can get a 50 year old manchild or a really emotionally intelligent twenty-something. I was worried at the start about the age difference but he never was, at times he's more mature than I am and I'm more immature than him! Really whether it can work or not from the age pov depends on how responsible he is. They married when he was about 25 and she was early thirties and went on to have four children. His friends would say thoughtless things like "You look great for your age! Now its getting to the stage where although he has always insisted he never wanted kids, the door is closing on her anyway.

The characters of Mark and Natasha Wylde were announced in September 2008, with Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe announced as the actors portraying them.But I was in my mid-forties at the time not thirties dating a guy in his early twenties. Opt for an over grown teenager and you will feel like his mother or baby sitter. A lot of 24 year olds are still pretty irresponsible. So from his point of view I guess you could say her age truly made no difference to how his life ended up. She's petrified he's going to have a mid-thirties crisis and want kids all of a sudden and she'll be too old.I suppose I remember being 24 and with two small children and a house to run I was very mature, I would consider having another child but only in a relationship I was sure was long lasting which is never a certainty. If you think he knows how to work at a relationship in the tough times as well as the good and if he knows how to pull his weight around the house, then those are good signs. They're both hale and hearty so its certainly no certainty of her dying before him or anything morbid like that. But still he insists he won't, so you just have to trust it, I guess.I would never go after a younger man and I pointed out straight away the age gap to him. If you're not his first relationship that's probably also a good thing. I know two couples where the woman is 6/7 years older. But she HATES being the one that'd be too old if that happens. She's getting crows feet and he still looks brimming with youth. To think children should get inheritance based on what they put 'in'?Husband and I had a very rocky start when we moved in together - he had a lot of growing up to do, I had to adjust to living with someone else after many years happily living alone. is husband having an affair To ask my son if he is gay?

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