Mcafee updating problems

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First time round my computer compltely crashed during installation, I couldn't open anything at all. Currently CPU is very low and memory is nowhere near full.

I've even closed down Malwarebytes and Glasswire firewall in case there was any conflict.

I have chosen to go for Mcafee - I like the simple, easy to use interface, it's got some good features and it has received some positive reviews. It's got stuck at exactly the same point, the little green bar not budging beyond halfway thru stage 4.

Problem is, the install gets so far, then it just hangs there. This is the second time I have tried to install it. Was forced to do a system restore to get my PC back working again. I've got absolutely nothing running except for task manager and resource monitor (so I can if there is any problem).

It has come to my attention that Windows 10 is totally not compatible with Mc Afee Anti-virus protection.

Can anyone tell me if the updates are being released later? Then ran virtual tech and had 1 problem (dat update).

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I cannot begin to describe how disappointed I am with windows 10, every update seems to cause issues, graphic drivers not updating automatically, Mcafee not working, games now crashing.

Windows 10 not actually displaying any notification it is updating, it's making my laptop virtually unusable.

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