Message error validating verification code dating for over 60s

Facebook Messenger has recently experienced a lot of server down issues which included Facebook Messenger stuck on sending, Facebook Messenger message send not delivered, delivered not read, Facebook message sent but not delivered even when Active and now Facebook Messenger Error code 490. resize=100,60&ssl=1 100w" sizes="(max-width: 643px) 100vw, 643px" data-recalc-dims="1" /I’m passionate to helping people solve their challenges online.

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If you don’t receive your code via SMS, our automated system can call you with your code.These are the places where you'll be adding the re CAPTCHA calls.Life will be easier if your form already has some validation logic ( PHP), or (2) you are not taking the appropriate action given the response from our servers. In cases where we have high confidence that you are human, we will serve you a much easier captcha (sample below).Please see the specific instructions that you used to install re CAPTCHA (whether it be through a plugin or not) to learn how to check whether the user entered the answer correctly. Our system relies on your entire engagement with re CAPTCHA -- before, during, and after solving it -- to decide if you pass or fail the test, rather than on the solution alone.

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