Microsoft access 2016 validating

In some cases you can achieve both goals with a single technique.

For example, asking someone to type a customer name manually is both slow and prone to misspellings.

(That is, you want users to enter 6% as 0.06 instead of 6.) Figure 3.2 shows the property sheet for a field named These sorts of inconsistencies might appear trivial, but they can cause all kinds of problems, from other users misreading the data to improper sorting to difficulties analyzing or querying the data.

It's important because the data must be entered accurately; otherwise, any analysis of the data becomes at best misleading and at worst just plain wrong.

You can prevent improper entries to a certain extent by adding text that provides details on what is allowable inside a particular cell.

You have two choices: For example, Figure 3.1 shows the Mortgage Calculator form.

that specify exactly what kind of data can be entered and in what range that data can fall.

You can also specify pop-up input messages that appear when a cell is selected, as well as error messages that appear when data is entered improperly.

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