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Not knowing what to do next I bid adieu to her and asked her to come back in the night and maybe we can have a virtual sex through web came home 10 minutes from that , as I went to open the door and I saw my mom I couldnt imagine that she was the lady with whom I had around 4-5 hours of best online chatting experience I could ever get and who can get so steamy with her virtual identity, I started wondering if she is like this virtually then how is she going to be in reality.This time instead of doing roleplay/cyber sex/virtual sex we both decided to talk a bit and give each other a peep into our personal lifes and take advices from one another on how to make our respective family members come to us and have sex with us.If all these similarities werent enough then when I asked her about her city and she replied with the same city that i stay in i jumped with excitement and was getting the urge to maybe call her home right then and think her to be my real mom and lay her down.son4mom:yes mom iam wearing boxers and a tee hornymom4u:alright son let me see you son4mom:no mom first lemme see you plz hornymom4u:alright son you can take a look at me dressed but ill start getting naked only after you come on web cam and we both open our clothes simultaneously son4mom:sure mom i start waitin in anticipation as mom comes on web cam...son4mom:mom u hot and u got a well maintained body hornymom4u:thank u sonny boy now its your turn to let mom see u son4mom:mom u really want to see me hornymom4u:yes hun son4mom:okie mom but dont get angry or mad hornymom4u:sure son y should i get mad at u son4mom:ok mom here u go i watch her expressions change from that of excitement to shock to despair to shame to guilt she told me to get back home and logged off that very instant.

hornymom4u:its great son and is waiting for a dick to rip it apart son4mom:mom i would have done that if i was your son hornymom4u:yes son i know but you arent my son and my son is dumb boy who just cant see how bad his mom wants him son4mom:mom how is he going to understand how bad you want him as you told in the morning you never gave him any signals or did anything that could make him realise....Dont know what went through her mind but she asked me if instead of leaving each other alone and wondering if our mom/son can do anything would I like spending some more time chatting with her and I jumped and said yes but said that my mom is expected anytime and if she comes then Ill have to log off.She said thats fine and that she'll call her son and tell him that she wont be home for few more hours.son4mom:hmmmmmmmmm hornymom4u:son you got the webcam?? son4mom:yes mom did you.btw what are you wearing right now.hornymom4u:son iam wearing a sari yu told me in the morning na how you like women wearing saris.

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