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Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) is a community hospital with an integrated comprehensive cancer center.

The infusion area of the BBC Cancer Care Center (CCC) has its own dedicated chemotherapy compounding area that is fully compliant with the current USP regulations for mixing HDs; it compounds nearly 300 HD preparations per month.

The main purpose of this study was to determine whether the BUD extension with the use of a CSTD had a financial benefit from decreasing waste that would offset the cost of implementation of the CSTD at a comprehensive CCC.

Secondary objectives included a count of the number of parenteral antineoplastic and biologic agents compounded in the CCC, measured employee exposure to HDs, determined cost savings from being able to use larger bulk vials of products, and a survey of the use of CSTDs in other Michigan hospitals.

The vials were incubated for 14 days, after which none that had been accessed using Equashield had microbial growth.

The results of the Nelson Laboratories study were validated by a similar study done by the University of Toronto.

This study included a control group of vials that were not accessed during the study, as well as control groups that contained microbial contamination.

A wipe study by Chemo GLO was done as directed by USP pre-implementation of a CSTD to assess for employee » exposure to HDs in the pharmacy, nursing, and patient areas. Of these 5 HDs, 4 were commonly compounded in the CCC.

One HD that was tested acted as a control because it was not dispensed in the CCC.

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