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This is the established scholarly opinion of authentic scholars and the evidence on their legal stance is extracted from both the Quran and the Sunnah.In the Quran for example God says in the story of Prophet Moses and the two girls, He said, "What is your circumstance?Is chatting on the web permissible, what are its harms?A Muslim’s talking and communicating whether mutually or virtually with one of his/her Muslim brother or sister is a good deed. A man’s talking with a woman necessitates some points which should be taken into consideration in some aspects For example, it is certainly not true to gossip, to lie and to talk about love, passion and things which turn on the carnal feelings.internet date sites where to meet lesbian women, up for it dating site, niche dating site, asia singles, sites danmark russian dating website photos; videos free lesbian...single christian dating sites no interracial dating local black dating...where to meet lesbian!It makes no difference whether she/he is married or not for such a subject, but the sin of a married person is much more.But if the conversation reminds us about sacred subjects, Allah, death, afterlife and religious life; of course it is not prohibited besides is a good deed. If you act in accordance with such rules then we can say that you are not committing sins and you are able to protect yourself.

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From this point of view we can say that, the parts, who met with each other just on the internet but don’t have any idea about each other and whose families don’t have any contact with each other before, may not hold such a marriage, since such a marriage can end up disappointedly.

As far as we are concerned, you or any other people should not try a marriage with such a method.

As our religion prohibits and forbids adultery, it also prohibits and blocks off the ways which lead people to adultery.

Similarly, chatting and having small talks with the person you met on the internet is not permissible.

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