Muslim single parents dating

We match you with Muslims who share your core values, as we know that it’s these beliefs that provide the solid foundations that happy relationships are built on.

We’re not about throwaway flings; we’re here to help you find that potential marriage partner you’ve been waiting for.

He might feel that he's not being responsible in protecting his child's feelings if he's not certain that you're going to stay.

So don't be offended if it takes him a while to introduce you to his child, this just shows that he's a responsible adult.

And there are plenty of people to choose from; we’ve got over 40,000 single Muslim members looking for long-lasting love online with eharmony right now.

They’re based all over the UK and that figure is growing every day!

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It's often more difficult for the parents - watching kids become attached to a new partner when they're not sure if it will last long term.

My parents play a big part with my decision everything is done the halal way only BORN AND RAISED AS A PRACTICING MUSLIM.

I would like to stay in US but I’m willing to travel I would prefer someone my age or at least near my age.

If you really like someone and feel that you work as a couple but dislike the fact that he has children, then (it's obviously hard but) try to step back from your feelings and think about your situation realistically.

It's not suited to work out if you can't accept the life which he needs to put a priority towards.

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