Muslim speed dating experience books about radiocarbon dating

People swapped numbers, photos of their kids, Facebook friend requests.

Plates of food were brought out as the local footy players began to drift in after their Sunday game.

SBS was at the event, along with 50 others in attendance.

She says she attended the event to help bridge the social gap in her local community between the Muslim and non-Muslim families.

“When I first converted, my family were scared,” says Coskun.

I’ve heard comments, usually from older white males, who say things like ‘Go back to where you came from’ directed to women wearing scarves, who are a representation of our religion.” However, Coskun says, she also believes that the ‘racist’ tag on her local town is unfounded.

“I would say that Shepparton is an open-minded town. Shep is very accepting.” Mal Ross, another long-time Shepparton local, is a careers counsellor at the local high schools.

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