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His first account was "sonichu," where his name was Chris. His new account was "sonichucwc," where his name was Chris Chan.This account got hacked by the Man in the Pickle Suit in the events of 11 September 2008 (NEVER FORGET).

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When it comes to what I can offer, I can seriously promise care, respect, empathy, and love.We see that Chris treated his My Space page the same way he treated his Sonichu website, adding more and more material over time until it became cluttered and bloated. It shows Chris in the immediate aftermath of rejection by Megan Schroeder, and the page is full of self-pity and desperation.The third snapshot is of his "sonichucwc" account when it had been last accessed two months later, on 4 September 2008.This page is not reproduced in its entirety, but the few changes he had made since July are noted.In particular, Megan was no longer a "favorite gal-pal," but his mood was improved, and a lot of self-pitying language had been expunged.

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