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Nestled in the state’s mountainous northeast, the town of 14,000 had for decades billed itself as “the Sock Capital of the World.” The cushioned sock was invented here, and one in every eight pairs of socks sold globally was said to be knitted in Fort Payne.At the industry’s peak in the 1990s, more than 120 mills employed roughly 7,500 workers.

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Named after the two daughters, Emi-G Knitting bought the Locklears a house, bought Terry a vintage Corvette and paid for the girls’ college educations.Last year, Emi-G downsized its work force from 45 to 30.If there is a customer service issue, Gina handles it herself — in addition to ordering yarn, designing both lines, doing social media marketing, processing credit card orders and lying awake nights with worry.They knew how hard it was to compete and how much money it would take to start a brand. Most of all, they didn’t want their oldest daughter to do something she’d soon regret or tire of.“But it’s been everything except any of that,” her father said.Her mother added: “She absolutely loves what she does.

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