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It has found its way into many things, from personal bios on Instagram to designations on namecards.It is generally used to describe people who have a substantial reach and following on social media platforms, are trend-setters and can shape the opinions and behaviour of many.I impact their lives," the second-year Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts student says confidently.

Nuffnang has more than 60,000 bloggers but says about 100 of them are the more influential ones. These people have wide-ranging interests, so their social media feeds showcase everything: their daily lives, what they wear, the beauty products they use, where they travel to and even their fitness regimens.

Social media marketing agencies say they look at what potential influencers post on social media, their interaction with followers and traffic to their social media channels to determine if someone has what it takes.

The term has been used often in the ongoing Xiaxue vs Gushcloud spat.

Mr Dennis Toh, 37, says his official title is that of influencer director and founder of The Influencer Network Communications, an influencer marketing and media agency similar to Gushcloud and Nuffnang.

He says: "By default, as the founder of The Influencer Network Communications, I do need to embody and demonstrate the traits of an influencer through my work and personal life.

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