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Staring wildly into the camera, Piers screamed: 'You have your head chopped off, and you vote Brexit, now what do you do hey?

' Yulia Gorina, 24, (pictured, left, and right with boyfriend) was raised by adoptive parents in Ryazan, Russia but a DNA test now proves she is the daughter of Viktor and Lyudmila Moiseenkow (inset).

Boris Johnson saw his Commons majority humiliatingly wiped out today as a former minister dramatically crossed the floor to join the Lib Dems.

As the PM was struggling to defend his Brexit stance in the chamber (pictured left), Phillip Lee (pictured right and inset top right) walked away from his colleagues and went to sit with Jo Swinson's pro-EU party.

Ms Chakrabarti told the programme 'We are dealing with people who are prepared to shut down Parliament, we are dealing with people who will march a young woman out of Number 10 at gunpoint, so we are not dealing with anything that I've seen before in my working lifetime.' Ginie Moss was one of a group of pro-EU protesters who surrounded Richard Graham, the MP for Gloucester, during a demonstration yesterday evening.

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The hashtag was used in the Sussex Royal Instagram account's announcement on the initiative today (centre right), linking to pictures posted by Miss Elloway over the past year.The Good Morning Britain presenter screeched during his amusing impersonation (left) of Ms Huq's meltdown on The Jeremy Vine Show yesterday (right).Channel 5 viewers saw the ex-BBC broadcaster scream at Brexiteer Mike Parry about whether he would still want to leave the EU if it meant being beheaded, and Piers gave a hilarious impression of the moment this morning.She was taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed a torn hamstring and sent her home with painkillers and told to apply ice and a hot water bottle.But after two more visits to A&E at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales, an X-ray finally discovered she had fractured her femur.

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