Niecy nash dating white man

However—as evidenced by the blowhards writing books, getting TV shows and lecturing all around the country—there are a lot more people who will listen to anyone with a mic pretending they actually know what they’re talking about.

There are exceptions to every rule—back to Niecy Nash.

Harvey is now a sought-after relationship expert contributor on , and even dishes out laughable yet sage advice on his own syndicated radio program.

People are hungry for relationship answers on how to find and make sense out of love.

The do-over marriage is something Nash takes deep pride in.

Nash was also instrumental in good friend Sherri Shepherd’s August nuptials.

She is the latest magazine cover girl (issue on stands June 10), and a lot of who she is these days has to do with the fact that she’s in her second marriage.

The actual interview covers other aspects of her life and career, of course, but her perspective of relationships—while I don’t agree with all of it—is one I like because it seems informed and approachable.

“After my first marriage I learned the importance of being completely transparent in terms of what you want,” she said.

Comedic actress Niecy Nash, hosts the video and gives a pitch for several infamous scenarios that we’ve all become familiar with, but now with the “new and radical product” they should instead give the number a call as their first line of defense when they’re so-called fearful.“You’re scared. But with cell phone, cameras, and social media, calling 911 on your Black or brown neighbors just isn’t what it used to be,” Nash, playing narrator, says to potential white customers.

The video flashes incidents that have gone viral of Jennifer Schulte (BBQ Becky) and Alison Ettel (Permit Patty).

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