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Tisha was appointed the first "Public Diplomacy Ambassador (Honorary position) for South Korea" for two years as part of the celebration of 40th anniversary of the two countries bilateral relations in 2013.On the silver screen, Tisha first appeared in Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's critically acclaimed Third Person Singular Number in 2009 starring alongside Mosharraf Karim, Topu, Abul Hayatand others.Then in 2010 she made a special appearance in the film Runway directed by Tareque Masud.

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An thian hnai tak pakhat chuan, "An pahnih hian an hlim dun em em a, Chad-a hian Avril hi a tihlim theiin an chhungte ve ve pawhin an duh pui hle," tiin a sawi..

Chad Kroeger leh Avril Lavigne te hi kumin kumtir lam a Avril Lavigne Album thar tur an buatsaih laiin an intawng a, July thla khan in date tanin August thla khan an inhual ta a ni.

An pahnih inkarah hian miten engpawh sawi se, engahmah a ngaih loh thu sawiin Chad Kroeger chuan,"Khawvelin Avril nen kan inngaihzawn chungchanga an thusawi leh ngaihdan hian keimahah nghawng ka neih tir duh miah lo a, kan pahnih hian kan hlim dun em em a ni," tiin a sawi.

In 2018, she starred in the first anthology film of Bangladesh Sincerely Yours, Dhaka.

Her first release of 2019 was Fagun Haway based on the historic Language movement of 1952 directed by Tauquir Ahmed starring Siam Ahmed, Abul Hayat, Yashpal Sharma and others.

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