Ochocinco dating show

He will evaluate all 85 girls' performances where only 20 will make the team.The 20 girls on the team will date Ocho in "The Ultimate Catch".Dating in Ocho's tournament will follow a bracket style competition.The girls will be ranked by Ocho in the first episode after he's had a chance to spend some time with them.After some in-depth analysis of each girl, one of the girls triggers a reaction from Chad that leads to an elimination unlike any other this season!

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As this second half of the Tournament kicks off, Chad takes his girls on a mountain retreat to step back from the celebrity flash and show them the realer side of Chad Johnson.Things turn hot and steamy on the solo date and Chad has a hard time making a decision.So to help him out, he's asked his longtime friend and sports psychologist to meet with each girl and get a good sense of who would best fit his lifestyle.He opens his heart and reveals his past to find out which girls are ready to warm up and which are giving him the cold shoulder.Who will survive the cut when it's time to stop playing and start getting serious?

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