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Liam Payne: "You are rude, you have no table manners, you aren't considerate, honestly [Y/N] it was as if you were brought up by barbarians," As soon as those last words left Liams mouth you gasped.

You were currently at a after party they were throwing and as usual Liam had caught you doing something 'rude' as he would say and started calling you out.

You were shocked at first, and you even thought of pulling away but you opted not too when he cupped your face in his hands.

Once you two pulled away you stared at Harry in awe and slight disbelief "You have no clue how long I've wanted to do that," He breathed out.

The two of you hand't spoken to each other in over two weeks.

The last you had talked it didn't end up well at all, in fact you had cried yourself to sleep but you would never admit that to Niall, especially since he was the cause of it.

You stood up angrily and grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

By the time you had reached the side door of the building and walked through it for some fresh air, you were so livid that angry tears started pouring down your face.

You merely stabbed the clear wrap until it was split in two.

"Harry thank you for your hospitality and I had such an amazing time hanging with you but I think I'm going to head home a week earlier than I had planned," You said in a rushed tone as you put the knife back and went over to the guest room.

You angrily stomped your foot and rushed past him and up to Louis who was in his kitchen.

Louis was having a small get together with a few close friends, and of course that meant having to see the moron who is called Harry Styles.

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