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Well, just arriving in Paris I noticed the large amounts of Arabs/North African guys (ones that didn't look White) there holding hands with their White girlfriends and wives and kissing them too in public.I probably saw more Brown men - White women couples there than Black men - White women couples.Appearance wise I will say I am a 6 to 7/10, I was voted into and have seen decent results with women in the USA mainly since that is where I have been most of my time.I went there with two of my friends, both White American guys on a vacation with me.In fact, there are stories of East Asian men killin it in rural parts of the US because they are an exotic commodity, here read this story.

About a week later I meet this Brown Eyed Blonde at a cafe in Paris, get her number, call her over to the place I was staying in, and VUELA, I hit it.I met two Pakistani guys dating White women there and one Indian guy dating this gorgeous girl. Brown Hispanic men (mario lopez types) are to be loved there, I met this 40 year old Latino (Mexican guy, decent looking) that was pulling ass like crazy. Westernized Brown men like Kal Penn or Sanjay Gupta will DO GREAT there but FOBs may end up struggling a lot due to the weak game they have by nature. If you are a Brown guy looking for his place to do great, I do not think there is a better country than France.France is to Brown men what England is to Black men.e-desired/ So overall, I really don't think Asian men have it that bad in the US.Well, I as a South Asian male have done outstanding in the US.

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