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Objects whose design has been registered should have a design number marked on them.However, in the case of wallpaper and textiles, usually used in sections, the design number is unlikely to be visible.Among The National Archives’ most visually captivating collections is its stunning array of almost three million designs used for textiles, glasswork, metalwork, ceramics, furniture, wallpaper and other decorative arts and manufactured objects.We hold copies of these designs in the form of drawings, paintings, photographs and product samples, sent to the Designs Registry, part of the Board of Trade, to be registered for copyright protection between 18.This is also true, though to a lesser extent, of BT 42, BT 47 and BT 51, of which only a small proportion has been catalogued in individual design detail.If searching in these series proves fruitless, you’ll need to consult the tables in sections 5 and 8 to 11 and follow the step by step instructions here below: Search instructions Let’s suppose we are looking for the representation of a glass vase with design number 52300.If you did not know the date that the design was registered, and in some instances even if you did, you would need to follow these steps: Diamond marks were printed, engraved or otherwise marked on an object to authenticate its copyright registration and add a layer of protection against fraud.Diamond marks were only in use between 18 and only for objects registered under the terms of the 1842 Ornamental Designs Act.

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See the tables in sections 5 to 11 for details of which records come with indexes.

Although vast numbers of registered design records survive, there are instances of registration numbers without corresponding records, and of numbers that were not used.

Following a series of projects at The National Archives to enhance catalogue descriptions, some of the online catalogue listings for representations and registers contain more detail than others.

If you know or can find a registered design number you should be able to find the respective register entry or representation in our collection, though it will be easier for some than for others.

When searching with a design number, it makes sense to start a search in BT 43 and, if your design is a ‘useful’ design (see section 8) in BT 45, as the designs in these series appear in our catalogue in individual detail, each with its respective design number.

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