Pattern of dating unavailable men

There’s no reason I should have to write this again. When I read Ingrid’s letter I got that knee-jerk kick in the stomach reaction.Ingrid, I have been there — probably way more times than you, because I’m way old, but when Evan’s right, he’s right.

Now I have the feeling that he is not serious with our relationship and still wants to see and meet other women. If he doesn’t tell you he loves you, don’t tell him you love him.

I have been dating a man for nearly three months now and in the beginning everything was fine between us.

He used to do things with me, but I was wondering why he never introduced me to his friends or why he never wanted to come over my house.

This mirroring concept is as ingenious as it is simple.

And it’s pretty easy to remember, although I’m thinking of having it tattooed down my forearm for easy reference.

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