Patti novack dating coach

That Christmas, he took the matchmaker’s advice and gave Jennifer a piece of jewelry as a token of his heartfelt admiration and commitment.

Three years later, Jennifer and Eric are happily married and celebrating the birth of their first son.

Joe’s Comments One of the biggest inhibitors to successful dating is having a lack of confidence.

If you are a person who lacks confidence, it’s important to first build that back up.

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Since 2001, Patti has run her own boutique matchmaking business, Vegas Valley Introductions, for people ready for a serious relationship.“Matchmaking is just a knee-jerk reaction for me,” she said.“As a boutique matchmaker, one of the things I do differently is tell my clients when they’ve done something wrong.As their relationship got serious, Eric returned to Patti for further guidance.She coached him on how to reassure Jennifer of his love.

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