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A spokesperson for Serial only said, "Over the last few months they've been reporting on a variety of stories for both Seasons 2 and 3 of Serial, along with other podcast projects." For Season Two, Koenig teamed up with Mark Boal, the Academy Award winning screenwriter of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, and his production company, Page 1.

Boal had conducted a series of interviews with Bergdahl as part of a film production he was working on, and both Boal and Bergdahl gave Koenig permission to use those excerpts of those recorded interviews in episodes of Serial.

Syed consistently proclaims his innocence, but there are puzzling inconsistencies in the set of facts he tells.

Lee had been missing for three weeks when a man on his lunch break, referred to as "Mr. His account of how he found her body seems suspicious to detectives Mac Gillivary and Ritz, who questioned him, and his background check reveals some bizarre behaviors, including a series of streaking episodes.

But trying to do it as a serial, this is as old as Dickens." New York Magazine reported that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of The Lego Movie and the film 21 Jump Street, would be producing a television program about the podcast that will take a "behind-the-scenes approach that details how Koenig went from virtual anonymity to creating one of 2014's biggest cultural phenomenons".

Did Syed ask Lee for a ride after school to get into her car?A professional detective says the investigation of Lee's murder was better than average, and Jay had handed the police the case on a platter.Koenig and Snyder visit Jay, who declines an interview.An anonymous caller leads detectives to subpoena Adnan Syed's cell phone records.As a result, the detectives discover calls to Jen, who is a friend of one of Adnan's acquaintances, a weed dealer named Jay.

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