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Note: You may receive mail if you attempt to send mail because your undeliverables may be returned to the originator.

Example: What interface and associated TCP/IP address will be used to receive mail on the operating system? If an entry exists for INTERNET SMTPRTE with the USRID(INTERNET SMTPRTE), USRD('User ID to send to Internet'), SYSNAME(INTERNET)USER, and PREFADR(NETUSRID *IBM ATCONTXT), skip to Step 4.

As an example: Host name server1 Domain name Host name search priority *LOCAL Domain name server: Internet Address Step 2: If you are going to receive mail for an SMTP Domain, do the following steps. Issue the following command with the parameters shown: ADDDIRE USRID(INTERNET SMTPRTE) USRD('User ID to send to Internet') USER(*NONE) SYSNAME(INTERNET) PREFADR(NETUSRID *IBM ATCONTXT) Step 5: Configuring or not configuring a mail relay -- you must determine if you are going to use a mail relay.

If you are not going to be receiving mail on the i Series, you can bypass these steps. *note Starting at 720 and above there is a new parameter for Directory Type, this document describes the legacy SMTP *SDD.

For illustration purposes, assume that the system name is System A.

Work with Directory Entries Type options, press Enter.

The SMTP and DNS conversations are made directly with the mail relay on the firewall.

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Forwarding Internet Mail Refer to pages 188 and 189 of the AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities Redbooks publication.

This document explains how to configure MSF/SMTP on the IBM i for sending e-mails.

It also includes configuring the IBM i to use the native command SNDDST to send to Internet addresses.

Do you manage your own DNS Servers or does your ISP manage your DNS? Example: If you are not specifying a mailrouter or forwarding mailhub (in versions 61 and 71) you must provide DNS servers if sending mail to domains not included in your local host table on the i Series.

What is the SMTP Domain Name that the operating system will service mail for?

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