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(d) If any new Platinum Member is admitted to membership to fill a vacancy in the Platinum Membership during the initial term, then the term of the new Platinum Member shall be the remaining term of the Platinum Member whose vacancy was filled.

(e) The effective date of the end of the term of a Platinum Member shall be as follows: (i) the date of receipt of the resignation by the Secretary, (ii) the date of termination notice as provided in Section 2(a), (iii) December 31 of the last year of a term in which the Platinum Member fails to give written notice of renewal as provided in Section 1(c), or (iv) the effective date of the combination of one or more Platinum Members or Gold Members as provided in Section 3.

The Platinum Member must give written notice to the Secretary on or before six months prior to the last day of the term of such Platinum Member of its election to renew or not renew its term.

If the Platinum Member does not give such notice, its term will automatically terminate upon December 31 of such year.

Upon a written request by an Individual Member, Platinum Member or Gold Member for the purposes permitted by Delaware Corporate Law, the Secretary shall make available the contact information of all Platinum Members solely for the purposes permitted under Delaware Corporate Law, provided that the Secretary may require the information to be treated as confidential information by the recipient to the extent permitted by Delaware law.

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If the Board of Directors approves the termination of the Platinum Member, the Secretary shall give written notice to the Platinum Member.

(c) If a Platinum Member becomes Controlled by another Platinum Member or Gold Member, such Platinum Member (“Controlled Platinum Member”) shall cease to be a Platinum Member on the closing date of the transaction which results in the Platinum Member becoming a Controlled Platinum Member.

Please use Get Support to reach us, and we’ll be happy to help you.(a) The effective date of membership for a Platinum Member shall be January 1 of the year that first follows the date on which the Platinum Member has executed the Platinum Member Agreement and the admission has been approved by the Board of Directors.(c) The Executive Director or his designee shall provide written notice to each Platinum Member at least nine months (but not more than twelve months) prior to the last day of the term of the Platinum Member which notice shall include the date of such termination and the required date of response.The Secretary shall promptly provide a copy of such nomination to all of the Members and members of the Board of Directors.The nominee must execute the Platinum Member Agreement and submit it to the Secretary.

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