Pokemon dating sim game

My friend and I get extremely bored at work a lot of times and during one such moment, we came up with this, which is basically Harvest Moon/Rune Factory x Pokemon. You can also buy them presents and trade pokemon with them.

And they'd have a favorite pokemon that you have to figure out and give to them in order to win their affection.

Jessica Starr suggested the following: Stage 1 - It's a simple little house that lets you have 1 pokemon roam and a free place to rest!

You can decorate it and let the pokemon relax in the small garden. Stage 3 - The house gets a basement where trainers show up to challenge you to battles. Your 2 pokemon that roam now level and can breed like it's a daycare center.

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Example: You beat the elite four 7 times so far and you're missing like 3 pokemon from the region's dex. But, it's cost doubles every time you get a new villa.

You can choose to beat the elite four 3 more times or capture/trade/breed the last 3 pokemon.

It just seems oddly inconsistent when some screens already have all of the text showing when others have the text slowly appearing. Also, I do not think Lucario is the cutest but then again; I guess everyone has a different opinion on what Pokemon they think are cute.

This is a very early beta of my newest project, a dating sim for the world's cutest Pokemon, Lucario! I’ve made plenty of sequels to this game since, in fact I just released one today!

The music is from Snatcher and the backgrounds used in the ending are not mine. It’s an episodic game so each episode can be better and better!

They can also accompany you for double battles as well.

Of course, how the game progresses would be reworked in order to make it so that you can conveniently woo whoever you want without being limited. Anyway, the other aspect is being able to buy your own brand new house.

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