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But all this joy you can get out of these photos and videos is why we take them.” There are already a ton of baby photo apps out there, each with their own angle.

These include Lifecake, which is billed as a “visual timeline,” apps like Blink Pix that make it easier to print and mail photos, and Tinybeans, a photo-sharing app that’s popular among parents who want to keep their kids’ pictures off social media.

What makes Precious unique is that it uses artificial intelligence to help parents manage their photo libraries.

The app relies on facial detection to identify photos of kids and determines if photos are noisy, blurry or poorly lit to find the best pictures.

They watched as artificial intelligence moved from being available mainly for researchers to something that was in the cloud and accessible to consumers, too, and were intrigued.

While they were brainstorming ideas for a new app, Chris and his wife had a baby.

While pregnant, I imagined I’d spend maternity leave making elegant baby albums with detailed captions each month.

Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (e.g.

either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, pictures or media content in any form from my profile is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.

I’m not a very sentimental person, but watching my daughter morph from a newborn blob into an impish, expressive toddler felt magical and made me a bit teary. “Many moms and dads aren’t really techies per say, so saying it is AI-based doesn’t mean they are really going to respond to that. “So we show them things that they will get like the time lapse and tell them that it’s easy.

That’s the differentiator for them.” Other plans include taking advantage of artificial neural networks in newer smartphone software and moving more of Precious’ scanning technology onto phones, instead of sending photos to the cloud for processing, so the app will work faster and use less battery power.

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