Priceless partner dating

Often the thought of going to his funeral keeps me awake at night.

And yes, one day I will become his ‘carer’ and it’ll be very hard.

His presence in my life has been a genuinely calming influence on me.

Since we met, I’ve stopped drinking so much and having casual sex to feel better about myself.

The harsh reality is, because he’s 29 years older than me, I’m probably destined to spend a large chunk of my future without my love.

Presuming we both live a healthy lifespan, I’ll be in my 50s or 60s when he goes.

I met my partner, who’s 29 years older than me, at a gig eight months ago.

There’s just something I love about hearing an older, intelligent man’s stories.

Of course, our unconventional relationship does have its downsides.I have a very high sex drive and have tried to discuss the problem with him, but we’ll then argue about it, which just makes everything worse.We’ve had full sex so few times that I can remember them all. The generational issue almost put us off getting together at the start, but then we just thought “sod it! And despite the age gap, we eventually plan to get married.

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