Prince dating a canadian

"I think my big Cinderella, 'ah ha' fashion moment happened two years ago.

I went to a party in New York and they had me put on an outfit.

“I had always coveted this French tank watch,” she revealed.

“So that was my big splurge and I had it engraved on the back.

It says 'To MM from MM.'” It was reported over the weekend that Prince Harry and the humanitarian are dating.

The couple are said to have met through mutual friends during the summer, while Meghan was promoting her show in the UK.

“It’s really timeless and then I’ll pepper in a little trend-centred,” she said.

Though she may be living the dream of every girl dating a prince, Meghan's Cinderella moment actually occurred in 2013.

“She’s playful with it, and I think that’s the biggest take-away from anything with fashion."6 REASONS MEGHAN MARKLE'S STYLE IS FIT FOR A ROYAL As for jewelry, Meghan has one special piece, which she purchased herself and plans on passing down to her future daughter.

Then at the end of the day I can go 'great, now is my time to get dressed for myself and do it not because you know you are going to be photographed and someone is going to see you but because it’s the sake of taking some fashion risks.'”, which is currently filming its sixth season, Meghan has been able to play up her style — but not too much or too often!

She admitted, “Putting on red lipstick to me is a risk.” Though when it comes to her personal style, the actress said it has evolved.

But when she passed away tragically in 1997, there was an outpouring of love and sadness for her that included celebs sharing how much she'd meant to them.

That has continued in the 22 years since her death - in 2017, dozens of celebrity fans (some of whom were very young when she passed away) continued to comment on what she'd meant to them and how she'd changed the world.

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