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In his classic book “What You Can Change and What You Can’t,” Professor Martin Seligman is even more explicit: to describe this phenomenon. In fact, as Sonja Lyubomirsky has noted, the amount of time two people have been together as a couple is a better predictor of decreased sexual frequency than the biological ages of the people in the relationship.Chris Peterson famously said ‘other people matter (2012).’ And yes, I understand your partner leaves their towel on the floor, watches tedious reality TV, wastes money, snores, embarrasses you in public, and thinks your family members are morons (be honest, they are).So unless a relationship contains deal breakers like abuse, infidelity or reality TV, there are simple things you can do now to deepen and strengthen your relationship.However, a few weeks later when she replaced the pet she hesitated before posting the update. People are generally good at offering a shoulder to cry on.But they greatly underestimate the damaging impact, the ‘slap in the face’ feeling when they treat our good news with indifference or negative judgments.He argues Acedia, or sexual decline in otherwise healthy couples, should be recognized as a common and costly disorder that demands more research into understanding and preventing it.

And when they answer you make sure you listen as if nothing else matters.

But if you regularly perform a different act of kindness each time, as if to keep your partner guessing, the element of surprise maintains freshness. Surprise your partner with ‘kindness ambushes.’ The occasional hug, an incidental hand on the arm, a squeeze of the hand.

Simply touching your partner’s shoulder as you pass by.

The ability to discuss sensitive issues while remaining calm is a basic, entry-level requirement of a successful relationship (2000).

Interestingly, when an individual makes a deliberate effort from the outset to remain just a little calmer when going into a tense conversation, they usually find they can stay in complete control.

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