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Actress in the powerful film These are all just glimpses of the powerful, God-given influence Rebecca St. At the age of twelve, she grabbed hold of God’s calling on her life and never looked back.Her accomplishments are undeniable, encouraging, and inspiring.This might not exactly be the biggest thing they want to hear, but it was the thing that I felt like was the lesson that I learned over and over.And that was that I actually had to almost relinquish my dream to God. I didn’t let go in the sense that, “Yeah, this is probably never going to happen.” I didn’t let go on that level but let go on the level where I came to a place within myself of [saying], “God, even if You don’t bring a husband into my life, I still trust You. I still believe that You know what’s best for me.” And I really came to a place of [saying], “If God knows some reason why I will be more fulfilled, more joyful, and more true to my purpose on this planet by being single, then I’ve got to trust that He knows what’s best.” He knows what’s best for me.It can be a challenging, kind of lonely, painful time at points and really confusing, and I felt like God over and over again just said, “Trust My heart and that I’m going to take care of you, and really surrender that part of your life to Me.” So, I think when we feel safe in His love then it helps us feel safer in dating.

As we got further and further into dating, there was such a cherishing love that I felt from him to me, which is so incredibly rare.Don’t lie on a bed together,” and things like that. If this person isn’t my future spouse, would I be ashamed to tell my future children what I’m doing with this guy right now?These are the kind of boundaries that were important for me. You know, just thinking long term as opposed to short term is really important. , there’s a part that says, “Waiting for the look in your eyes when we meet for the first time,” and I really did see a look in his eyes.It just felt tough a lot of the time because the unknown of dating is such a vulnerable thing. With dating so many times we put our trust and faith in the person we’re with, and that sets us up for failure. I remember feeling like so much was banking on how this turned out, and it ended up hurting my performance.Whereas if we put our faith and trust in God, then we know He is the one navigating and orchestrating our love life. This is kind of a random connecting story to what we are talking about, but I have been acting some in L. I remember I was so nervous for this audition I had. I was so wound up and nervous that I ended up forgetting the words. I was putting too much focus on the outcome of that audition, and I feel like dating can be the same way.

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