Refinancing loan finance debt consolidating

You’ll enjoy a lower monthly payment today at the expense of a higher overall cost.

do that if you use a private lender (not through a federal Direct Consolidation Loan), but you’ll want to evaluate that decision carefully.

are services offered by credit counseling agencies and similar organizations.

The idea is the agency will negotiate with creditors to make payments more affordable.

Iif you had one loan with a high rate relative to other loans, it might be better to pay that off aggressively instead of adding it to your consolidation loan.

Consolidating might also allow you to change your repayment schedule.

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True consolidation only makes sense (and is only possible) if your student loans originally came from government programs.

You can “consolidate” private loans by bundling multiple loans together, but the major benefits of consolidation are reserved for government loans.

For example, you might be able to stretch out repayment over 25 years instead of a shorter period.

However, a longer repayment period means you’ll pay more interest over the life of those loans.

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