Relationship between online dating personality characteristics

Although there is not a clear distinction between these two terms, personality seems to be the general term that encompasses all of the other concepts.

Personality refers to those “individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.” Personality is influenced by the unconscious and life experiences.

Traits are stable aspects of the personality which influence the way we behave and remain consistent in different situations.

Personality traits allow more flexibility and broader categorization of personalities.

In the past, researchers focused on making people fit into rigid personality types.

This came with many limitations when categorizing individuals since personality types are considered to be discrete categories (e.g., extrovert vs. For that reason, some theories actually prefer to focus on the flexibility that personality traits offer.

Before we dig deeper into personality psychology, there are a few different concepts to consider. Understanding personality types and how they interact might help you understand your attractions better. The physical features that we might feel attracted to in a person are only part of a much bigger picture.There’s also the mental, emotional and spiritual attraction.Knowing about and understanding our personality type are definitely important factors for self-development.By being aware of our strengths and recognizing those personality traits that we need to work on, we can improve our interpersonal relationships. Some people consider that compatibility and like-mindedness play an important role in developing a long-lasting relationship.

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