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We dream of a passionate and a long-term Romantic Relationship with someone who’s our companion, our romance partner, our best friend, our lover, and basically “Our Everything”!Here, you can find it all here in this comprehensive list of Serious Relationship Advice articles, specially and painstakingly collated for you. Thousands of Charming Men/Women and Gorgeous Ladies/Guys Near You are seeking Committed Relationship Partners … Life is starting to feel pretty lackluster as I work 7 days a week.I’m starting to wonder what the point is of life if I don’t ever feel happy and no one wants me.

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Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: Top 6 Clear Warning Signs You’re Just a FWB to Him 11.

I ask myself this question and various other ones throughout my life. I like to think that at this point in my life, I don't need to be with someone and have some kind of validation to live a worthwhile life.

It's not necessarily a fun or a fullfilling life, but one that means something to me. Of course it would be nice if I can be with someone and we can connect at some level. The way I see it is, I have to constantly find my own ways of making my life means something to me and appreciate it for what it is (for most times).

I'm simply rejected and ignored by society - unless there's ridicule or stigma to be had.

One of my main aims in life is like yours - saving for retirement.

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