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Those men probably socialize with men of even greater means.

For the chance to work your magic on the man of your dreams, you may have to spend some time with the men who aspire to be him.

In the earliest stages of the hunt, you shouldn't be living with the men you are dating, so coordinating shelter won't be a concern. FILL A VOID As you climb higher up the dating ladder, you'll want to select your potential partners with more care and consideration.

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It's not necessary for him to proclaim his love or commitment to you.

NETWORK While you're rubbing elbows with your date's superiors, never forget that you're on the hunt.

Talking to people, male and female, serves a number of purposes.

Simply serving as pleasant company and an attractive arm piece is enough to get you networking with the wealthy bachelors you seek.

Spend a few months attending social functions with an up-and-comer and it won't be long before you've been introduced to all the men he thinks are important.

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