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So the typical Georgian town house was tall and narrow with a long narrow garden or court behind and for the largest houses a coach house or stable at the rear of the plot served by a subsidiary road or mews.The back yard usually contained a privy or bog house - a primitive sanitary arrangement set over a cess-pit or bog hole.The stocks used in and around London were of two colours: grey and red, the latter being a trifle more costly and often used for lintels and window arches whilst the grey bricks were preferred for walling in general.In the latter part of the century London stocks were almost uniformly a pale, yellowish brown.Outside areas where good building stone was available, brick was the universal Georgian building material.In London the bricks of good, hard quality used for the outer walls were known as stocks whilst poorly made place bricks which included as much ash as clay were used for cheapness sake for the unseen work of party walls and partitions.These were the first fashionable suburbs containing streets, squares, circles and crescents of elegant terraced houses which exemplified the best of Georgian good taste: a combination of judicious restraint with exquisite detailing of the doors and windows.

The Orders were applied to a building for decorative purposes and also to order the design of the facade.The Orders were either applied to the facade or implied by dividing the facade in height according to the divisions of an individual column.Even where the main architectural components of the temple were absent their presence could be implied by the use of certain details.Rubbed brick window arch, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, c.1740 Georgian theories of proportion and symmetry governing the design of the faade were developed in the early eighteenth century and derived from the classical temples of Ancient Greece and Rome.

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