Rivet head dating

Blind rivets are used almost universally in the construction of plywood road cases.

Common but more exotic uses of rivets are to reinforce jeans and to produce the distinctive sound of a sizzle cymbal.

Rivets fill the hole where they are installed to establish a very tight fit (often called interference fit).

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The rivet can then fail before it can redistribute load to the other loose fit fasteners like bolts and screws.Rivet diameters and lengths are measured in millimeters.Conveniently, the rivet diameter relates to the drill required to make a hole to accept the rivet, rather than the actual diameter of the rivet, which is slightly smaller.Fastenings used in traditional wooden boat building, such as copper nails and clinch bolts, work on the same principle as the rivet but were in use long before the term rivet was introduced and, where they are remembered, are usually classified among nails and bolts respectively.Go to Article This Design Squad Nation animation shows how a pop rivet clamps two pieces of material together.

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