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They sat in silence for awhile but than Ron's eyes went huge as he saw something outside the window he stood, looking shocked and scared."Pull over or something! " Kim asked sounding worried but Ron just ignored her yelling at the pilot to land anywhere.

Ron O’Neal estimated net worth in 2018 is Under Review. This is going to take awhile to write so sit back and enjoy the show. Silver Chapter 1: Fired and Fire Kim and Ron sat in a plane on their way back from a mission it was night outside the mission having taken all day. Things hadn't really changed they still looked the same although older and Ron had got a bit more muscular from the missions. Hello boys and girls and welcome to my first Kim Possible story so please review ok.Ron pushed through the crowd that had come to see what was happening followed by Kim as he shouted, "Mom," "Dad," "Rufus." He made it to the police tape and ducked under it trying to run into his burning house, but two policeman stopped him. " he shouted struggling with the two man."What's going on?" Kim asked one of the policeman."Electrical fire two people were inside they didn't make it, that poor kid," the man said looking down and shaking his head.

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