Rules for dating a rockstar

Kennedy Memorial High School in his hometown of Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, even though he was skinny at 160 pounds (73 kg).He saw his first live event at a local wrestling show in Woodbridge Township, headlined by "Iron" Mike Sharpe and later became interested in becoming a professional wrestler.

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He and Hadrian lost a tag team match to Roman & Kevin Knight on March 4 and faced Kasey Coresh, Damian Adams and Tony Balboa in singles matches during the next few weeks.He made his return to 3PW the next month appearing at its second anniversary show at the ECW Arena losing to Derek Wylde.On April 2, Eckos and Matt Striker faced Ken Scampi & Spyder (with Tara Charisma) at an event for the New York Wrestling Connection.He also participated in a 12-man battle royal later that night which included Dr.Hurtz, Marc Verow, BJ Thomas, Damian Adams, Jade Divine, HP Walker, Hadrian, Josh Daniels, Psycho Bitch, Tony Rage and Rapid Fire Maldonado.

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