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This is directly related to the Government's failure to implement a variety of laws that protect the girl child and women.

Laws relating to pre-natal sex determination tests, infanticide, foeticide, dowry (the Deora 'tradition' started because the poor Rajputs could not afford the customary kilo of gold to be given in dowry) must be enforced with a vengeance if we wish to see change.

A little more than a decade later, Gulab Kanwar has returned to the front pages of newspapers.

This time to report the alleged murder of her new born daughter and mark a tragic regression of social values.

It was one big party and every Indian joined it with equally enthusiasm: What we also witnessed was unprecedented peacetime national unity.

Seen against this backdrop, there's really no reason to cavil about the BCCI announcing cash rewards for the members and support staff of the triumphant team — although cricketers now make a handsome amount in match and endorsement fees and are no longer dependent on charity matches for old age pension, India's top cricket body cannot be faulted for being generous in congratulating the players.

After all, the BCCI's own stock has soared on account of Team India's sterling performance.

That said, a line needs to be drawn to demarcate the acceptable from that which is patently unacceptable.

It tries to taint a perfectly legitimate secular gesture by a well-governed State through the bogey of communal bias.The purpose is all too evident: Sow seeds of doubt, malign individuals and institutions, spit and scoot.All right-thinking Indians must call a halt to this nefarious campaign of calumny.But such a comfortable conclusion is impossible since even the Pakistan Cricket Board lost no time in distancing itself from the comments.Instead of giving Afridi the benefit of the doubt, a PCB spokesperson confirmed that the board did not share the team captain's views which were his personal opinion.

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