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One might say I was a high achiever, a go getter type of gal. I think it fascinates me because I don’t let go very easily, and I am intrigued with how those peaceful, go with the flow kind of people do that.

But even though I was good at initiating and doing all the “necessary” steps to achieve what I wanted, I didn’t always get rewarded with what I set out to receive. I have been actively engaged in online dating for about 18 months now. When I first started to practice letting go, I would just take “no action”. So if I didn’t care, why would I take any action to achieve something I wanted?

Details of her life are hard to piece together as there are few reliable sources.

For example, historians are unsure about whether to take her poetry as reliable autobiographical evidence.

It’s a conundrum that I have historically found baffling.

But I think I am beginning to understand how you can both take action and let go, at the same time. In the past, I have been very good at taking action. I even will initiate an online conversation or suggest a coffee date. At the same time, I study spiritual topics and one of my favorites to learn about is the art of letting go.

Neither is healthy for our spirit or state of mind.

Detached involvement is the process of being emotionally involved enough to take action, but completely detached from the outcome or results.

It’s almost as if you let go of expectations, do only things you “want” to do, and become super good at taking care of yourself. The other day my older son called me complaining about how much money he owed to the Illinois Toll Association.

However, evidence from the period suggests she was temporarily exiled to Sicily because of political troubles on the island of Lesbos. The word lesbian is actually derived from her place of birth – lesbos.

However, there is no hard evidence about her sexuality.

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